DUI HEI Race Distributor SBC

Performance Distributors

$ 349.00 



  • Twice The Firepower Of A Magneto
  • No Spark Box Needed
  • Cures Top End Misfires
  • Low Amperage Draw
  • Rated Up To 10,000 RPM’s

Our Racing D.U.I. Distributor is a high performance, precision built ignition system that is capable of turning up to 10,000 RPM’s. That’s almost double the output of a stock H.E.I.! Modern technology and years of HEI engineering experience has allowed us to develop a high voltage coil, high dwell module and mechanical advance system that would turn the high rev’s needed for today’s racing engines. No external spark boxes or coils are needed as our race coil and module fit inside the distributor for an easy drop-in installation with a one wire hookup. 

The Racing D.U.I. Coil allows spark plug gaps to be opened up to .055″ and the increased dwell in the Dyna-Module creates longer spark duration. These two components produce a spark so intense that it is unmatched by stock HEI’s and other “performance” ignition systems, particularly those using the external spark boxes. The end result is a more complete burn of the fuel mixture for more horsepower! The Racing D.U.I. also sends 2-3 times more spark into the combustion chamber than a magneto. The plug gap with a Mag is a mere 015″ – .025″, so horsepower is gained with the D.U.I. due to more fuel being burned on each piston stroke. The wider gap also helps spark plugs stay cleaner longer which means fewer plug changes at the track. 

The centrifugal advance system is precision tuned on a Sun Distributor Machine to provide your engine with easy starting, better throttle response and more power through the RPM range. All of the moving parts are hand fitted to assure the smoothest advance curve possible. The weights are fabricated from very high quality hardened steel that is virtually maintenance free. You’ll be able to run more timing (without detonation) than ever before and there is no excess advance at high RPM’s.

Additional advantages include our “no-resistance” rotor bushing, to ensure all of the spark energy from the coil is distributed by the rotor, nylon screws in the rotor to prevent misfires in the high RPM’s, a racing coil designed to run cooler than oil filled coils and widely spaced cap terminals to prevent crossfire, a common problem with smaller diameter caps. Amperage draw off the battery is minimal as the Racing D.U.I. only pulls 2-3 amps, whereas other aftermarket ignition systems can draw 10 amps or more. For those not using an alternator, this prevents major voltage drop in the battery.

This is the only magnetically triggered, self-contained (internal coil and module) distributor available that will spin 10,000 RPM’s! It surpasses all other HEI style distributors in quality and performance. Don’t Underpower your Ignition with a low cost inferior HEI, insist on a quality built D.U.I. (Davis Unified Ignition) for your race engine and Drive Under the Influence of more power!