Howe Throwout Bearing For Stock Clutches


$ 149.95 


  These were originally designed for racing classes that require a stock type clutch.  Installs by replacing one bolt from the front of the transmission. Conical shims are provided to properly fit the bearing to zero clearance. Made to work with Saginaw, T-10, Muncie and Jerico transmissions. The inner diameter of the throw out bearing is 1.379".  Make sure your transmission will accept this.  Compressed thickness is 1.688" and 2.375" when extended giving .688" of travel.  We recommend a 3/4" bore master cylinder and a minimum 6:1 pedal ratio for comfortable operation.  Pressure exceeding 1,500 psi. can damage the o-rings.

Designed for racing purposes, not intended for highway use.